Faculty at the Inaugural Joint North American Neuromodulation Society and Neuromodec...

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Faculty at the Inaugural Joint North American Neuromodulation Society and Neuromodec Neuromodulation Conference in New York City

From 2018 Joint Meeting of NYC Neuromodulation Conference and NANS Summer Series

New York, NY (August 23-26, 2018) – Dr. Huang-Lionnet, M.D. was invited to present as faculty for the Inaugural Joint NYC Neuromodulation Conference and North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) Summer Series held August 23-26, 2018 at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel in New York, NY.

She serves as Co-Chair of the Conference Diversity and Accessibility Committee along with current Women in Neuromodulation (WIN) Chair Jacqueline Weisbein, D.O. The 2018 NYC Neuromodulation Conference & NANS Summer Series is committed to representing the diversity in the field of neurotechnology and supporting activities that enhance diversity now and in the future.

Dr. Huang-Lionnet and Dr. Weisbein, along with the WIN and Conference Diversity and Accessibility Committees, organized WIN’s First Joint NYC Neuromodulation and NANS Summer Series Reception. The Women in Neuromodulation (WIN) reception was attended by over 75 interested conference attendees and served as a great opportunity network with diverse array of specialties and members of the neuromodulation community. The event featured Women in Braintech speaker Helen Mayberg, M.D., Director of Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

NANS is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of the field of neuromodulation, which applies targeted electrical, chemical and biological technologies to the nervous system to relieve pain and improve function and quality of life.

Overview: Digital Healthcare + Neuromodulation
The joint NYC Neuromodulation and NANS Summer Series conference spans the continuum of Neuromodulation innovation and healthcare technologies. Wearable technologies and sensors, online platforms and apps, VR, connected devices, and machine learning and AI driven therapy design are integrated into all aspects of neuromodulation. Leaders from industry, academia, and medicine will clarify the immediate applications and frontiers of digital healthcare in neuromodulation. Topics include: use of wearables and apps in clinical trials and treatment, search for optimization treatment and individualized therapy, and enhancing patient experience and clinician interactions.



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