Venous Medicine



Minimally invasive treatments for venous reflux conditions can be performed in the outpatient setting and are often covered by insurance.  Medical treatment for venous insufficiency are safe, non-surgical procedures that can include:

  • Conservative therapy with leg elevation and compression stockings to reduce leg swelling and prevent blood from pooling.
  • Sclerotherapy treatment for spider and varicose veins with a salt (saline) or chemical-based solution.
  • Thermal ablation treatment with lasers or radiofrequency energy to treat superficial vein conditions with delivery of heat.
  • Non-thermal, non-tumescent, and non-sclerosant closure treatment that involves endovenous delivery of a medical adhesive.
  • Phlebectomy that is a surgical procedure to remove varicose veins through small incisions with special tools.


Note individual results may vary secondary to different venous reflux conditions and treatment plans.  Each treatment outcome may vary by patient in terms of overall outcomes and duration or length of results. 

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